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The alleys of Groenewoud, a neighborhood in Eindhoven, are locked with a metal door. the inhabitants all have the key to their own alley. They locked the alleys down many years ago to prevent criminality and prostitution within these alleys.


Around twelve years ago the neighborhood struggled a lot with criminality and prostitution. Groenewoud had a bad name and wasn’t a place people loved to be. Except for the inhabitants, they loved the neighborhood, the life on the streets and all the people that lived there. They created their own little community where people sit outside, drink beer together and enjoy the company of their neighbors.

The municipality decided that the neighborhood needed a fresh name and they started projects to rebuild the safety of Groenewoud. The what is very noticeable is that since the neighborhood has safer environment and so a better name, the sense community is lower. People don’t connect as much as they did before.


I researched this no man’s land of Groenewoud,

the alleys.

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