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Exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2018

De jongens is a publication about the prison in Veenhuizen, named PI Esserheem. A narrative told through the eyes of the employees and the inmates themselves. It’s about the asymmetrical relationships, the work the employees do and how this small tangible community is their reality. 


We, as outsiders, have no actual view on how the prison system works. It’s a closed environment for the public, which causes assumptions. With ‘De jongens’ you will have a better understanding of how it goes on in a place like this. 


In this publication are real stories, of real people in real situations. A tangible environment explored. I combined their stories in a collective book, added with my own illustrations to support them. 


I talked to different people in Esserheem. From a variety of inmates to employees that work there for 30 years and newbies that only have been there for three months. We had long conversations about the place, the living conditions, stories and how it is to work in such a unique place. 


It contains for example a chapter about power and hierarchy and they’re opinion about this, about the asymmetrical relationships they have and personal stories. 

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