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These three objects are tools for anxiety. As a anxious person myself I looked at my own stages of stress and anxiety. When people coop with stress they sometimes start to fidget. They destroy the skin around their fingers. The ideas of these three small objects are to suit you throughout these stressful moments. A little comforting object to fidget, touch and play with while you feel anxious. 


They’re divided by three stages: Unease, nervous and anxious. The materials are connected to these three stages too. 


Unease - wood

This little wooden object is small and strong, something you can cary around in your daily life. This because this factor of anxiety is most accuring. The wood is soft but hard, and small so when you’re fidgeting it’s not too clear. 


Nervous - ceramic

The ceramic fidget object is smooth and has three harder spots where you can play with. The material allows itself to adjust to your body heath so it will feel like an external part of your body. Because of the ceramic it will get even more personal over time. Because of the use you will leave using marks behind. 


Anxious - tin

this metal will fit perfectly in your hand. It’s made for the most anxious moments. It will immediately adjust to the warmth of your hand and the metal is so smooth that it will give you some comfort. You can squeeze it but also scratch it. 

In the south of the Netherlands it is an old religious tradition to fast after carnaval. I decided to do this for 40 days in my own way. I fasted on the word NO. I wanted to challenge myself by saying yes to every opportunity to do things I normally would’ve said no to. I made a written and photographic documentation of my process. 


During the fasting I realized that I say no to certain things because I was coping with a light anxiety. As a result of this ‘saying yes to everything’, I started to fidget my fingers a lot. Biting my nails, pulling the skin off next to my nails. My personal reaction to nervousness. 

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