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Het rode licht van woensel-west

Commissioned by Tante Netty

Tante Netty closed off the year of 2019 with the project called ‘Het Rode Licht van Woensel-West’ (The red light of Woensel-West). In collaboration with Tom Loois, assisted by me. 


The oldest ‘job in the world’, a fixed part of the wild stories of the past in the neighbourhood Woensel-West in Eindhoven. The tiles shining from the red light, which became more and more drizzly…


The stories of the past are sensational. From almost romantic to criminal harsh. The neighbourhood has changed, but the job hasn’t. Will it ever change? And what do you think of that? 


That’s the reason why we invited people for a walk through the red light of Eindhoven. We glanced back, and looked forward. Talked with local residents, law enforcement officers, people who are involved in the subject and each other. A journey to delineate and share the stories of the future. 

Photography by Sofie van Esch

Illustrations by Sandra Janssen

During the walk, city poet Jessica Bartels recited a poem.

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