‘The protest lab’ provides a resource that challenges teenagers to think about democratic actions. Protest and the right to express yourself is essential for a well-working democracy. When looking into the modern way of marching and protesting in western society, it appears to become a trendy duplicative action. The internet provides easy access to be able to copy slogans, illustrations, and style. Which makes protesting and marching a landscape of overused slogans and attributes. Did marching and protesting become something “ordinary” in our modern society? Is this way of protesting still relevant, tactful and effective?


‘The protest lab’ is an installation with an educational approach which gives teenagers the possibility to liberate themselves from the mass by making their own design. By simplifying the Design Thinking Method  and using daily life objects, they can design attributes for a protest in the scale of their choice. ‘The protest lab’ becomes an analog platform providing inspiration to this generation.