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The edge of pornographic and photographic in this case of nudity is quite close, the border might even been seen as blurry. Of course when a guy sends a dickpic it’s more seen as pornographic. They send them on purpose to turn someone on, they create a sexual object out of it with full intention. 


I wanted to search for the boundaries and the edges of photographic and pornographic. How can you stage a penis that it becomes something non-sexual, almost like art. How to create an image that doesn't become pornographic, that the atmosphere is just as important as the penis?


Also it’s a way of provoking people, break the taboo around the penis being something only sexual or “ugly”. It’s just another body part that should and can be seen as pretty which doesn’t necessarily need to be labeled as sexual, I would like people to see a penis as something poetic, something vulnerable. 

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